GT32P || The Politics of Industrial Societies

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Unit I: Theories & concepts in the study of the politics of industrial societies

Unit II: Historical perspective: Politics and social policies in an age of industrial expansion

Unit III: Historical perspective: The collapse of laissez faire and the development of 20th century welfare states

Unit IV: Political culture in modern industrial societies: comparing European and American models

Unit V: Historical perspective: "Revolt of the haves" - backlash, retrenchment and privatization in the Reagan-Thatcher era

Unit VI: Historical perspective: The "Great Recession" of 2008-10 - collapse of the global neoliberal consensus, and the search for more balanced public-private alternatives

Units VII, VIII: Elections, public opinion, and mass media in modern industrial societies

Unit IX: Contemporary critiques of industrial society

Unit X: The challenge of "building social capital" in modern industrial democracies

(If time permits. There are no assigned tutorial or essay questions for this unit.)